Saturday Night Rock&Roll


About Us


Founding The Band

6 men playing vintage stuff that would be heared by people who like Southern Rock, Blues and sometimes Country on radio.

In Spring 2017 the guitarplayer Günter Kreuzpointner (Greize) started to plan Vintagesixradio in mind to play great vintage stuff that he was interested in. He first asked the drummer Michi Eckert Greize played with together in the famous Rolling Stones Coverband The Jumpin' Jacks for years and contacted Niki Neidiger (guitar and pedalsteel guitar) to join the project. The next to be asked was Martin Biechele alias Butsch who had also been a member of the Jumpin' Jacks and was known as a great keyboarder.  Without a second of hasitation he joined the new bandproject.

After meeting several times in the following time they all figgured out, that they are in relation to the music and with each other on the same wave length and felt, that Vintagesixradio could develop into something like a rough diamond.

A list of potential songs was made and Greize asked Reini Wiesheu, a gifted singer and guitarplayer to get in. Fortunately he did.

Now only a bassplayer was missing. In Mathias Hartel - Niki Neidiger played with him since the days of his youth - they  found the right one.

In end of august they started the rehersals - and it fitted. And now it grows and grows...



First Performance 2019

The first show was celebrated on April the 27th at the Furtner (please have a look at the fotos). It was full. it was hot and a great expirience for everybody - the audience and the band itself. It was such a pleasure to play in front of a crowd and it's so nice to see that the music we burn for arrived so well with the people. By the way: A big thank you to the Furtner for the occation playing in this location and Thomas Strasser for making the pictures.







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